Instructors Rating

Instructors Rating

About the program

Obtaining an Instructors Rating is money well invested. The most natural place for a Commercial Pilot to build hours towards an ATPL is by becoming a Flight Instructor.

An Instructor’s rating improves your abilities and skills and enhances employment opportunities and is mostly a requirement if you are interested in joining the Airlines.


  • The only requirement is a valid Commercial Pilot Licence.

Practical Training

  • 20 hours of patter training of which 5 hours may be on a Simulator
  • 30 hours of ground briefings
  • Pass a practical skills test in lecturing and air exercises with a Designated Flight Examiner

Theoretical Training

The following subjects need to be passed with a pass mark of at least 75%:

  • Applied Meteorology & Navigation
  • Principles of Flight & Legislation


It is essential to know the minimum hours required by the South African Civil Aviation to obtain a license are exactly that, the minimum requirements. It is unusual for a student to achieve the level of competency within these hour constraints. Every individual has different rates of learning and understanding, aptitude plays a major role in your progression and therefore additional training to meet the standards expected in testing, might lead to additional hours of training.

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