Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-Engine Rating
Pitt Meadows Airport during a sunny summer day

About the program

A Multi-Engine rating qualifies you to fly an aircraft with more than one engine.

Most employment opportunities require experience on Multi Engine Aircraft; the Commercial Pilot License preparation can overlap with an Initial Multi Engine Rating Preparation.


  • The minimum requirement is a PPL with at least 150 total flying hours.


  • The initial Multi Engine conversion must be done with a suitable rated multi rated Instructor.
  • Ground School lectures totalling at least 4 hours will include theoretical flying technique and Multi Engine phraseology.
  • An Aircraft Technical will be completed before flying commences.
  • A Multi Engine quiz must be completed prior to the commencement of training.
  • A minimum of 7 hours towards a conversion on the Multi Engine Aircraft, 2 hours can be done on a simulator.
  • 20 hours of Instrument Training, of which 5 hours can be done on a simulator, 5 hours on a Single Engine Aircraft and 10 hours on a Multi-Engine aircraft.
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