Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating
Aircraft instrument panel at the pilot school.

About the program

Instrument Rating course prepares you for flying with greater precision even in challenging weather conditions.

You may obtain your Instrument Rating as PPL or CPL holder. The theoretical subjects for a PPL Instrument Rating and a CPL Instrument rating are identical except that in order to obtain a CPL Aircraft Technical must be written.

The course is designed to make you a safe and proficient Instrument Pilot.


  • Valid Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Valid Night Rating
  • Total of 200 hours of flight time (CPL)
  • Total of 250 hours of total flight time with 100 hours pilot in command (PPL)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate

Practical Training

  • 50 hours cross country as pilot in command
  • 20 hours instrument flying in an aircraft
  • 20 hours instrument flying in a simulator
  • Pass a practical skills flight test with a Designated Flight Examiner
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